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March 24, 2022

How Your Driving Style Affects the Life of Your Car Battery

Car Battery Maintenance How your driving style affects the life of your car battery

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Today, cars are becoming increasingly secure and reliable with or without car battery maintenance. However, regardless of whether you drive the latest hybrid car or a luxury vehicle, a battery fault is still one of the most common reasons for a car breakdown in Singapore.

Nobody wants to be stuck on the side of an expressway or in a distant parking lot late at night. After all, a car battery fault can be dangerous and happen at any time. Good news is that your driving style can extend the life of your car battery - but it can also shorten it.

We have put together a list of behaviours and patterns that can negatively impact the health of your car battery. Take a look at the points below and learn how to extend the life of your car battery by changing the way you use your car.

Using the aircon while the car is stationary

There are not many drivers in Singapore who are not guilty of this. Who doesn’t know the feeling of waiting in the car for someone or something but it’s just too hot and stuffy. Turning on the A/C is a great instant relief. However, using the car’s aircon without the engine being turned on is one of the main reasons why car batteries fail or have a shorter life span.

Furthermore, in addition to the cooling, we usually also charge our phones and have the radio on. While it’s ok to do so for a short period of time, doing it for very long or very regularly will certainly drain the life out of your car battery. If you do this over several hours, your car might not even turn on anymore. No matter how powerful your car’s engine is.

To avoid unexpected car battery failure, it’s best to use your car’s A/C only for a short time when stationary. When you expect to wait for a longer period, it’s best to turn the car off completely and leave. If you can’t stand the heat inside your car, you better go and grab a coffee somewhere and enjoy the A/C there.

Driving short distances only

As Singapore isn’t very big, it’s difficult to completely avoid this next point. However, it’s a known fact that the lesser you will drive your car, the worse it is for the life of the battery. The reason behind this is that your car battery takes time to fully charge itself. Driving only short distances, or using your car very irregularly, might not be enough for the battery to come to life fully.

Don’t think that because you have an expensive car this won’t affect you. In fact, the more modern and luxurious your car is, the more energy it is likely to need. While in the past cars didn’t rely as much on electronics, today’s cars consume significantly more battery power. Just think of all the things in your car that need electricity - all displays, sensors, radio, chargers, A/C and perhaps even screens for the rear passengers.

Whenever possible, try to avoid short tips. Maybe you can run all your errands on one day or start car-pooling with some of your colleagues that live close by. It definitely can help to postpone a looming need for a car battery replacement service.

Incorrectly connected battery

Did you have a minor accident recently? Have you switched your car mechanic? Or even tried to change the car’s battery yourself? There are many reasons why your car battery might be incorrectly or loosely clamped. Whatever the reason might be - it’s dangerous and can lead to major car damage.

In case the battery is connected incorrectly, the electrical currents will flow in reverse polarity. As a result, this will severely damage your vehicle’s electronic system and eventually impact your car battery. To avoid these issues, it’s always best to use a professional car battery replacement service when changing the battery.

Ignoring the warning signs

While modern cars consume a lot of energy, they are very good at detecting issues. Most cars will have a warning lamp for the battery on the dashboard. If the warning sign is blinking or active, you should not ignore it. In most cases, your car is telling you that it’s time for the car’s battery service. However, it could also indicate that something is wrong with the battery’s connectivity. In any case - don’t ignore it!

As perhaps your battery is having difficulties to charge, it’s best to not put it off for too long and get it checked out as soon as possible. In the same way that wouldn’t ignore any other issue, such as a faulty car alternator, don’t neglect to check on the battery if your car tells you to do so.

In conclusion - no matter what kind of car you drive, your behaviour will directly impact the health of the car battery. To find out more about car battery replacement in Singapore, check out our services or call us directly at 8618 9000.

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