Car Tyre Repair & Patching $60onwards
Labour & Diagnosis All Inclusive
Loan of Spare Tyre $100deposit
Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) 30mins*


At ARS, our mechanics are not only experts in car battery replacement, we also offer car tyre repair and patching to road user faced with a punctured car tyre as a breakdown service. Wherever you are in Singapore, we will be down to assist you with just an ease of a call.

One of the problems every car owner is bound to face every once in a while is having a punctured tyre. The problem with a punctured tyre is that it can happen anytime, anywhere and it won’t wait till the perfect time when you are ready to have a Tyre repair or replacement. So, if you notice a punctured tyre when you are at your home, you are not supposed to drive it anywhere as it might damage your tyre sidewall and might lead to spending more money to replace a new tyre.

Our tyre repair service is meant to make it convenient for you to get your tyre fixed without even leaving your house. So, do contact us if you need to engage our tyre service. As soon as we get your call, our mechanics are immediately notified and dispatched to your location with all the required tools and equipment. Furthermore, they will come to you in a matter of minutes to repair your existing car tyre or replace your car spare tyre if your existing tyre is beyond repair.

The risk of getting a punctured tyre is even greater when you are already out on the road. If you are not careful, it can even lead to an accident. There have been a number of such incidents where the punctured tyre has resulted in the loss of lives by testing fate trying to get to a tyre repair shop with a damaged tyre.

It is a known fact that a significant proportion of road accident on the roads worldwide is caused by problems with vehicle tyres. In any event, avoid being a victim of such circumstances ensure that you check your car tyres regularly and have them repaired on time. All in all, stay safe and get a proper car tyre repair service.


Are you in a rush but unfortunately encountered with a flat car tyre? Got no spare tyre? Fortunately, we are here to help, just one call away!
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Upon engaging us, we will provide you with our ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) to your location as well as the respective price of the car tyre repair service. Also, with many years of experience, you can be assured that your vehicle will be handled with the utmost level of professionalism by our friendly mechanics.
Arriving at your location, we will dismount the damaged car wheel to check for the problem and after the diagnosis, if your car tyre is deemed savable, we will patch up your punctured car tyre. However, if it's deemed beyond patching, we will either replace it with or loan you a spare tyre to get to the nearest tyre repair shop.
After the patching up of your car tyre, we will remount and install your wheel back onto your vehicle. Finally, we will end the fix process by chhecking and setting the car tyre pressure to your vehicle’s specification.
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