A car breakdown is something that is very common and ought to happen at least once in the lifetime of a vehicle owner. If you own a car, you will definitely know the hassle of seeking car breakdown services when your vehicle fails out of a sudden.

Therefore, ARS Automotive Recovery Singapore (ARS) is here to make all your troubles vanish and take you off from the hassle related to such breakdowns. Furthermore, our emergency roadside assistance services guarantee complete satisfaction when it comes to handling your car breakdown so your vehicle will be perfectly safe in our professionals’ hands and will be ready to hit the roads again in a short span of time.

So do not hesitate to contact us when you encounter a car breakdown because we will be at your service in as soon as in a ring of a call. Make ARS Automotive Recovery Singapore your first choice and put your mind at ease by the car breakdown services offered by us.



24HRS Emergency Car Breakdown Service in Singapore.

Singapore’s most trusted car breakdown services, ARS Automotive Recovery Singapore, specialises in car battery replacement services. We have a fleet of car breakdown service vehicle that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without fail to render assistance to car breakdowns all over Singapore.

Also at ARS, we provide the highest expectation of car breakdown services to all our customers and also the most competitive yet transparent rates...

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As one of the leading car breakdown services company, we offer a full range of emergency roadside assistance services. So, no matter how serious your vehicle breakdown is, we are able to repair and start your vehicle through our skilled professionals and advanced equipment. Car battery replacement is one of the car breakdown services provided by us where we deliver and install a car battery with 1 Year/6 Months warranty period. Therefore, no matter where you are in Singapore, our mechanics will arrive there in a span of approximately 30 minutes and replace your flat car battery with a new one.


Got a flat tyre? No problem, let us help you with your car tyre repair or car tyre patching at your convenience.
One of the problems every car owner is bound to face every once in a while is having a punctured tyre.The problem with a punctured tyre is that it can happen anytime, anywhere. It won’t wait till the perfect time when you are ready to have a car tyre repair or engage for a car breakdown service. If you notice a punctured tyre...

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Very often car breakdown occurs due to punctured tyres and can be dangerous if you are driving out on the road. While this happens often, it is very frustrating to change it on your own especially if you don’t have the right tools and equipment. However, not to worry because we can replace or patch your tyre within minutes also at a very reasonable price.

Furthermore, our tyre patching is of high quality and durability which will ensure safety throughout the rest of your car tyre's lifespan. So, contact us wherever you are in Singapore if you need us as ARS car breakdown services are here for you at your convenience.



Before we get into details regarding the steps to be followed in order to give your car a jump-start, we should know when to opt for a jump-start and when to get a car battery replacement.
Since, this is equally important to know before engaging a breakdown service...

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In addition to these, we also offer other car breakdown services such as car jump-start services, car towing and also have in store the finest quality car battery products. So whatever car breakdown services you may require, we can fix them all. All you have to do is simply call and engage us to enjoy an affordable service with high customer satisfaction.

We are a leading company providing emergency roadside assistance services for vehicles that face sudden failures in Singapore, we boast a fleet of vehicles and a team of highly experienced professionals who can repair your cars in a short time.

You won't have to worry about missing a family get-together or an important meeting ever again because of your car breakdown because we will fix it up as soon as you engage us. Contact us whenever and we will come to your assistance wherever.



Require a car breakdown service? Got neither a faulty car battery nor a punctured tyre? You can opt and engage us for a car tow...

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When it comes to getting a car battery replacement with us, you can be assured that we carry only the best quality brands of car battery.

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